Highly available and scalable smart meter head-end service for interacting with devices, managing communications protocols and collecting and storing metering data. Independently of smart meter vendor and communication technology based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform.

Key features

monitor-8xDevice data retrieval, storage and management

  • Request, collect and manage meter reads at every time interval (including electricity, water and gas)
  • Retrieval of power quality, voltage and other electrical data
  • Schedule and collect smart meter events
  • Reporting real time and daily register reads and events
  • Basic data verification and validation
  • Purging processed data at every time interval

cog-8xDevice management

  • Management of meter setup/configuration
  • Management of meter firmware
  • Synchronize time with meters
  • Management of energy tariffs
  • Initiate remote meter commands (server or meter initiated)
  • Smart meter functions can be triggered via schedules, on adhoc basis or based on events

wrench-8xDevice installation

  • Field meter installation support
  • Administrative meter installation support
  • Replacement and removal support
  • Inventory management

people-8xTarget market

  • Distribution System Operators
  • AMI Service Providers
  • Energy Metering companies
  • Smart Meter suppliers