smartmeterA new and open smart meter head-end service operating independently of smart meter vendor and communication technology based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform.

A highly available and scalable head-end service for interacting with devices, managing communications protocols and collecting and storing metering data.


Key features

monitor-8xDevice data retrieval, storage and management

  • Request, collect and manage meter reads at every time interval (including electricity, water and gas)
  • Retrieval of power quality, voltage and other electrical data
  • Schedule and collect smart meter events
  • Reporting real time and daily register reads and events
  • Basic data verification and validation
  • Purging processed data at every time interval

cog-8xDevice management

  • Management of meter setup/configuration
  • Management of meter firmware
  • Synchronize time with meters
  • Management of energy tariffs
  • Initiate remote meter commands (server or meter initiated)
  • Smart meter functions can be triggered via schedules, on adhoc basis or based on events

wrench-8xDevice installation

  • Field meter installation support
  • Administrative meter installation support
  • Replacement and removal support
  • Inventory management

people-8xTarget market

  • Distribution System Operators
  • AMI Service Providers
  • Energy Metering companies
  • Smart Meter suppliers

thumb-up-8xUnique benefits

  • No lock-in on specific metering technology and/or smart meter supplier by using open protocol standards and open source technology
  • One versatile smart utility Software-as-a-Service to manage multi-vendor and multi-type smart meters
  • Easy integration with various user applications and back-end systems
  • Multiple (mobile) data communication protocols are supported
  • End-to-end smart utility service, tailored to your needs and based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform
  • High performance service, dynamically scaling up and down as more smart meters are added. Cloud hosting ready
  • High availability of and multitenant architecture
  • State of the art security