FlexOVLA new and open public lighting switching system operating independently of public lighting device vendor and communication technology based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform.

Our flexible authorization mechanism enables powerful device authorization management to e.g. municipalities or other users. For example, municipalities could control public lighting by themselves, resolve power failures faster and save more energy.

Liander verzorgingsgebied


Reference case: Liander (largest DSO in The Netherlands) is implementing our Flexible Public Lighting as ‘FlexOVL‘. In approx. 1/3 of the Netherlands, 800.000 streetlights will be monitored and controlled via 25.000 substations. See introduction video.

Key features

monitor-8xControlling and monitoring public lighting devices

  • Setup switching schedule for public lighting
  • Organize public lighting devices in logical groups
  • Manual switching public lighting devices
  • Monitor actual status
  • Monitor energy usage
  • Basic reporting functions
  • Light sensor support

euro-8xEnergy tariff switching

  • Setup switching schedule for energy tariffs
  • Manual switching of energy tariffs

cog-8xDevice management

  • Management of lighting device setup/configuration and firmware
  • Synchronize time lighting device
  • Device authorization and authentication management

wrench-8xDevice installation

  • Lighting device installation support
  • Administrative installation support
  • Replacement and removal support
  • Inventory management

people-8xTarget market

  • Distribution System Operators (public lighting infrastructures)
  • Municipalities (private lighting infrastructures)
  • Lighting device suppliers

thumb-up-8xUnique benefits

  • No lock-in on a specific device supplier or (proprietary) technology by using open protocol standards and open source technology
  • Save costs, lower investments and decrease outages by replacing Ripple Control
  • One versatile smart utility Software-as-a-Service to manage multi-vendor and multi-type lighting devices
  • Several public lighting use cases are able to use one or more device functions
  • Easy integration with various user applications and back-end systems
  • Multiple (mobile) data communication protocols are supported
  • End-to-end smart utility service, tailored to your needs and based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform
  • High performance service, dynamically scaling up and down as more lighting devices are added. Cloud hosting ready
  • High availability of and multitenant architecture
  • State of the art security