Utility ServicesOur Distribution Automation Service enables low-barrier asset data acquisition and substation monitoring and control based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform.

Our service supports grid operators in improving reliability, safety and operational efficiency by providing insight in and control over the distribution network.


Key features

monitor-8xMonitoring and control substations

  • Monitor substations currently not monitored by SCADA/EMS/DMS systems
  • Local integrated view of substation layout and current status
  • Interface to push data to SCADA/EMS/DMS system
  • Control assets currently not controlled by SCADA/EMS/DMS systems
  • Interface to receive control signals from SCADA/EMS/DMS system

Acquire dynamic asset data

  • Acquire data currently not acquired by SCADA/EMS/DMS systems
  • Interface to make acquired data available to 3rd party analytics platforms

cog-8xDevice management

  • Set device operations parameters and set points
  • Management of RTU setup/configuration and firmware
  • Synchronize time of RTU’s
  • Device authorization and authentication management

people-8xTarget market

  • Distribution System Operators

thumb-up-8xUnique benefits

  • No lock-in on a specific device supplier or (proprietary) technology by using open protocol standards and open source technology
  • One versatile smart utility Software-as-a-Service to manage RTU’s from different vendors with different communication protocols
  • Also based on the Open Smart Grid Platform with Smart Meter Head End Service; smart meters can be used for Distribution Automation applications
  • Also based on the Open Smart Grid Platform with Load Management; future load management devices can be used for Distribution Automation applications
  • Easy integration with various user applications and back-end systems
  • Multiple (mobile) data communication protocols are supported
  • End-to-end smart utility service, tailored to your needs and based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform
  • High performance service, dynamically scaling up and down as more devices are added. Cloud hosting ready
  • High availability of and multitenant architecture
  • State of the art security