We deliver open, generic, independent and scalable Smart Utility Services that help utility companies improve infrastructure reliability and efficiency.

Utility ServicesOur Smart Utility Services are:

Our services are versatile, end-to-end and completely tailored to your needs and based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform.

  • service developmentProvided as Software-as-a-Service
  • Designed for cloud infrastructures, can operate on premise
  • Every service is provided with integrated smart utility devices and third-party devices are also supported
  • Every service includes utility applications supporting several use cases as well as configuration and managing the services and devices
  • Easy integration with various other user or third-party applications and back-end systems

Unique benefits of our services

lock-unlocked-8xOpen; no lock-in on a specific technology and/or supplier by using open protocol standards and open source technology

resize-width-8xGeneric; not limited to one use case, one value proposition or specific device(s)

infinity-8xIndependent; stay in control of your own roadmap and be flexible to future changes by building on an open platform ecosystem

pulse-8xScalable; high performance, dynamically scaling up and down with number of devices

fork-8xHigh available and multitenant architecture

shield-8xState of the art security

Open Smart Grid Platform

Among other technologies and tools, the Open Smart Grid Platform takes a central role in our services. With our open source approach using open standards, we stimulate suppliers and other third parties to develop innovative solutions based on this platform.