Problems we solveWe can help you meet key problems and challenges in managing utility infrastructures and public objects or implementing IoT systems.

Having a strong background in the utility market, we recognize the following challenges:

  • Management of large numbers of different devices in the field
  • Use of and transition to (open) standards
  • Lack of (use of) standard products in the utility market
  • Integration of different systems is difficult and expensive
  • Lock-in on technology and suppliers
  • Increase in IT/OT complexities and costs
  • Inflexibility of and upfront investments in IoT-architecture
  • Unlocking additional business value by linking systems and/or combining data/information

We deliver smart utility services that help you solve these problems especially for organizations that:

  • Manage the availability, reliability & costs of large utility infrastructures and/or many public objects
  • Implement different IoT systems
  • Collect, analyze and distribute smart device data
  • Are obliged to meet specific (system) requirements and quality of service
  • Are obliged to meet specific (public) legal utility tasks

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