Open Smart Grid PlatformThe Open Smart Grid Platform is an open, generic, scalable and independent ‘Internet of Things’ platform which enables various public service objects to be easily controlled and monitored with any application and with any communication infrastructure.

It basically acts as a connecting link between (web)applications and smart devices.

The Open Smart Grid Platform is unique by its multi-dimensional, generic and open design. Because of a true separation of layers and the use of open standards, other suppliers and/or third parties are able to develop innovative solutions to market.

  • Generic and multidimensional design ensures that the platform can be used in a flexible way for several functions and applications. Several customer use cases (with separate business models) are able to (re)use the various device functions. Multiple devices and communication protocols are supported
  • Fully scalable, dynamically scaling up and down as more devices and applications are added. Infrastructure costs fluctuate along with use Operates independently of (cloud) hosting infrastructure
  • Open Source approach prevents vendor lock-in and stimulates open innovation by using open standards and open source technology
  • Freedom of choice in the desired IP communication infrastructure, e.g. CDMA en GPRS
  • State of the art security in corporation with European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)

Open Source approach

Open SourceWe aim to co-develop the platform with other grid operators (and other public infrastructure operators) as these organizations have similar issues and requirements, and could all benefit from the platform becoming more advanced and having a larger ecosystem.

To ensure this future and independent ecosystem development, the Open Smart Grid Platform is available as open source software under the Apache 2.0 open source license and managed by an independent software foundation.

Winner Dutch Environmental ICT Award 2014

The Open Smart Grid Platform was awarded the Dutch Environmental ICT Award 2014 for the most innovative, sustainable and appealing ICT-product.
Verdict of the jury:

Because of the open character of the platform, third parties are able to develop new and innovative applications. The actual and large scale (IoT) implementation combined with the potential energy savings make the Open Smart Grid Platform a true winner of the Dutch ICT Environmental Award 2014.