Smart Society Services can help you solve key issues and challenges in managing utility infrastructures.

”As a grid operator, we want to leverage data analytics to improve the reliability and efficiency of our infrastructure and invest more efficiently in our assets, ultimately improving our ability to avoid grid overloads”


We can help you

  • Create independency between physical infrastructure and IT landscape
  • Maintaining control of future developments independent of specific vendors or technologies
  • Enage with other grid operators with our co-development approach, building on the learnings of a larger ecosystem
  • Create additional business value by combining functionality and data from different IoT services
  • Stimulate open standards for broad adoption and implementation in smart grid applications

“In deploying smart meters, efficient data collection and creating additional business value is crucial for us. For our ambitions, a single and independent smart meter head end to manage and communicate with many different types of meters is of tremendous help.”


We can help you

  • Reduce complexity and costs by using one single head-end
  • Attain scalability by efficiently communicating and handling high volumes of data from extensive meter populations
  • Save time through efficient failure management
  • Quickly and easily integrate new meter types into your meter population
  • Re-use your energy meters in other smart grid domains

“Public Lighting is a vital component of livability in the city, bringing safety and aesthetics to our inhabitants and visitors. We want a simple way to manage public lighting, enabling us to meet the many and diverging needs of our city.”


We can help you

  • Gain flexibility by enabling remote light management including remote and schedule-based switching
  • Save on energy costs
  • Be independent of specific/closed hardware and technology
  • Phase out Ripple Control with a future proof solution