With a strong background in the utility market, Smart Society Services delivers scalable IoT services that help improve the reliability and efficiency of critical infrastructures:

  • Bi-directional switching of public lighting
  • Flexible energy tariff switching
  • Managing and reading electricity, gas and heat meters independently
  • Balancing and managing energy supply and demand in a microgrid
  • Monitoring and data acquisition in distribution grids
  • Dynamically adjusting and controlling network load
Our team
  • Knows and understands the legacy, sensitivities and challenges of large infrastructure organizations
  • As a modern IT company, we work and think in Agile / SCRUM when developing new functionality together with our customers.

Independent Alliander company

Founded in december 2014 we are an independent start-up of Alliander, the largest energy network company in the Netherlands.

Alliander operates energy networks which distribute gas and electricity to large parts of the Netherlands (3.3 million customers, 37% market share , 99,99% network uptime). Their work facilitates businesses, homes, transport and recreation. More information: www.alliander.com