SmartSmart Society Services offers IoT products and -services to remotely monitor, control and manage objects and devices within large infrastructures.

Founded in december 2014 we are an independent start-up of Alliander, the largest energy network company in the Netherlands.

Our innovations are key to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy supply.
Smart Society Services is headquartered in Utrecht, the heart of The Netherlands.

With our strong background in the utility market, we deliver open, generic, independent and scalable smart utility services that help utility companies improve infrastructure reliability and efficiency. Our services are completely tailored to your needs and are based on an open, generic and scalable IoT platform.

Unique benefits

lock-unlocked-8xOpen; no lock-in on a specific technology and/or supplier by using open protocol standards and open source technology

resize-width-8xGeneric; not limited to one use case, one value proposition or specific device(s)

infinity-8xIndependent; stay in control of your own roadmap and be flexible to future changes by building on an open platform ecosystem

cloud-8xEnd-to-end SaaS utility services designed for cloud infrastructures

pulse-8xScalable; high performance, dynamically scaling up and down with number of devices

fork-8xHigh available and multitenant architecture

shield-8xState of the art security

About Alliander
Alliander operates energy networks which distribute gas and electricity to large parts of the Netherlands (3.3 million customers, 37% market share , 99,99% network uptime). Their work facilitates businesses, homes, transport and recreation. More information:

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